Bird Barrier Systems Atlanta Georgia

It is surprising in this day and age that birds continue to be a nuisance for property owners and managers.  We have experience providing a wide array of bird control services for the most persistent pests.  As an experienced bird barrier installation service provider, we are able to effectively diagnose the area plagued by pests, and recommend the most economical and aesthetically feasible solution.

Bird barrier systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Recent technological advances have produced bird barriers with electrical currents as well as bird control methods utilizing sonar and various prey calls. Most bird control companies utilize control products consisting of bird deterrent spikes, bird control wire, or bird control netting, and these are the most cost effective bird control systems on the market today.

Bird deterrents have increased in popularity as the population of pigeons grows throughout US cities.  Due to the lack of natural predators within city limits, and the abundance of food, pigeons have evolved as a serious pest problem.  Pigeons carry disease, nest on window ledges, and defecate on building materials.  Bird droppings are unsightly and unsanitary.  

Bird problems within US cities are compounded by state laws making bird removal difficult.  This is why bird deterrents have become one of the only way to effectively get rid of pigeons. Bird pest control is not always as simple as as scaring the birds away.  Bird proofing can often require a combination of bird pest control methods in order to effectively rid the birds of areas to land.

We typically recommend bird repellent spikes for an effective pigeon deterrent. Plastic bird spikes are great for narrow horizontal landing areas where the birds like to sit.  Sonar devices are also an effective method of electronic bird control to control pigeons, and deter birds.

Other birds are pests as well. We can provide Canadian geese control, crow control, sparrow control, swallow control, starling control, and woodpecker control.

We want to be your answer to the question: how do i get rid of pigeons?  That is why we make getting rid of pigeons and other bird pests our business. How do you get rid of pigeons? Call Top of the Line!

We know how to get rid of birds and how to get rid of pigeons, and make sure they never come back through the use of safe and humane methods.  Pigeon deterrent spikes do not actually harm the birds, but simply make the area uncomfortable for them to land on.  In consideration of most pigeon control devices on the market today, pigeon control spikes work quite well for a reasonable nuisance bird. Some pest pigeons require advanced pigeon control devices in order to deter this nuisance bird. 

Pigeon control and other pest bird control can sometimes be achieved with pest control netting. When providing pigeon pest control, it is important to carefully weigh the various pigeon problems and find a pigeon repellent which will effectively rid the area of pigeon pest.

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